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Hi community, I wanted to inform you about my actual projects which might be interesting for you.
First of all, I am working on a new Lua interpreter using fpGUI for GUI programming. So, no game programming is possible but applications with buttons, labels, menus etc. Don't expect a preview version before May. It will be available for Linux and Windows and will be freeware and not open source for Lua 5.2 only.
Chance of finishing project: 85%

The next thing I am working on is trying to understand how flex and bison/yacc works. I want to start with small examples for the Pascal port of flex and yacc (called plex and pyacc which ship with Freepascal). The goal is to port an existing BASIC interpreter (at least its grammar etc.) to Pascal. Maybe it might be possible to port Yabasic and later enhance it.
Chance of finishing project: 50%

Both project will lead to something bigger, I hope. A BASIC interpreter for all purposes  ;) especially with database and reporting features. But this is really in the far future.

Support and bugfixing of EGSL will of course continue.

EDIT: Well, the GUI Lua interpreter (still searching for a fancy name ...) is growing nice. Have a look at the screenshot, in the background you can see the code (Geany) which builds the forms and buttons. Now a lot of more widgets have to be included ... the work can start.

Those  are good news, these days i have been busy with windows coding and it seems alote easy to code some fast guis.   ;D

Interesting Project, i hope it will be released for Haiku too?


--- Quote from: lelldorin on April 01, 2013, 07:21:35 pm ---Interesting Project, i hope it will be released for Haiku too?

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately that's not possible. It will be for Windows and Linux only since there are no working GUI wrappers for Haiku and Freepascal. Apart from that I am using here fpGUI which does not support other platforms than Windows and Linux, yet.

Any news about the new interpreter for GUI programming?


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