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I feel that I have to post something. So here is the start of a match-3 game, very popular on the smart phones. just click on groups of 3 or more similar colored tiles to make them go away. i guess there will be a 60 second time limit later on so you have to pop as many tiles as possible. the naalaa source code of what i have done so far, not much as i started an hour ago, is included.

Download the latest version from:

for once i did find some useful graphics at opengameart, but atleast i did the background myself. updated last attachment with new version. when there are no possible pops a bomb appears somewhere on the screen to scramble the board.

marcus made me a tune for the game

Love this games. ;D

Great game.....I think it is good to see the game develop from its beginnings, so would you consider new downloads at each stage rather than overwriting the attachment each time - for me it is a good exercise to see how a game develops when an experienced coder writes it? Just a suggestion, as I try to keep each version anyway but I'm not always quick enough!......Can we look forward to a scoring system in it?


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