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New release v0.5

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added ability to have multiple elseif statements
added ability to use Parentheses in mathematical statements
   ex: z = ((x + y) * (4/2)) - (11 * 1)
   and in logical expressions
   ex: If (foo = 3) OR (bar = "good") then
added setpixel
added getpixel
added strokeEllipse
added fillEllipse
added OpenURL
fixed comment character insertion in the editor

Download Here

Keenly looking forward to giving v0.5 a go in the next few days. :)

By the way how can I change the path settings for Chrome in the editor? The editor doesn't find it after hitting F7, only Firefox with F6 works.


instructions, complete with pictures, are in the help .pdf in the browserbasic root directory.

I have the same problem as Cybermonkey, I put Chrome's path as explained in the tutorial an it just runs the browser without loading the script in question.
I would prefer Opera for testing since it is faster to load. I suggest to include Opera and perhaps Run with default system browser.

I have more suggestions or rather questions about possible features for BrowserBasic (BB, BroB..). Don't reveal all of them if the feature list is top-secret.  :-X

- Do you plan to support classes ?
- Is there a way to set the game dimensions ? it would be also handy a number of preset profiles to visualize the game in different resolutions, ratio aspect, etc for ipad, iphone, and other devices.
- What about showing performance indicators like frames per second ?
- Support of highscores to let the players compete online.
- Comment multiple lines in the editor.
- Physics engine, multiplayer, 3d..


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