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I've tested the sample on my 1gb ram, 2ghz laptop,
it does not work on opera, on firefox and chrome performace is poor and irregular: from 6 to 27 fps

I really like this example - very powerful. However, I have similar performance issues  to @bolbo on an older laptop. In my case it is 1.8 ghz cpu and 1 gb ram......On Chrome 28  I get 10 - 20 fps, which is watchable, and Opera 12.02 will start  at that rate for a second or two then give a blank screen - reloading starts it for a second or two again. Best results for me are on Maxthon 3.4.5 where it is smooth and peaks at 30's or sometimes 40 fps - not surprising as it is probably the lightest of my browsers and everything seems to work quicker on it. I know I should run a newer laptop but this one will normally cope with most things I need, and using Maxthon BrowserBasic seems to run well enough for me. Hope the feedback helps?

Hi bolbo and kevin,

Thanks for the performance feedback.

As you probably know, compatibility between browsers is an issue.
What works on one, does not on another, or it works poorly.

Also, as you have seen, running math intensive programs like a physics simulation in a browser requires both a reasonably fast machine and a fast video card.  My last PC was a 1.5 GHZ single core with an older video card.  It could not run any browser physics sims at better than 2 fps.
My new PC, which I bought second hand, is a dual core 2.66 GHz with a nice video card.  The video card by itself has 2 Gig of ram.  Now I can run anything and everything as smooth as melted butter.

Making a physics sim for a mobile device is even tougher as they usually have lower specs than desktops or laptops.

All I can say is that having physics available is an option for those who want to play with it.

One possible approach, to fit different device specs and type of games, could be let the coder to disable or simplify the behavior of certain modules of the engine.

Physics is optional.


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