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New version released; v0.6

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New version released. v0.6
Saturday, July 27, 2013

fixed Chrome browser not opening correctly from the editor.
added getFPS   note: it is internally locked to run at 60 fps.
Fixed bug in draw positions of ellipses.
added Atan2 syntax in addition to the existing Atn2.
added some physics commands.
added ability of the editor to go to error line by clicking on the error message in       the output window.
added abilty to have types in types.
added ability to to declare and assign a value to numeric and string variables
      e.g.  var x as number = 55
added ability to have an external JS function return multiple values
    Type TPoint
var x as number
var y as number
var point as TPoint
point = GetPosition()
        'returns point.x and point.y
Changed the way that file names are look at so that file names with a
2 character extension e.g. .bb should work.
added CreateCanvas, setCanvas, and getCanvas commands (for example see ex_paint.txt)
added a preview hotkey for the Opera Browser
F8 - Runs the HTML page in Opera.
F9 - Starts the BrowserBasic WiFi Server
F10 - Launches help file.

Download Here


Looks like a nice set of new features in v0.6.
Tried the ex_paint example which uses the new canvas stuff and it works well.
Hope to have some time soon to get into the other stuff.

Hi Guilect,

I found a bug in BB v0.6, when compiling my POND txt file (attached) it gives this message:-
Error.  Line: 516 ---- Function Call - Undeclared function: SOW_Zap_pea_at_MousePos.
When I comment out calls to this function the v0.6 compiler reports that the next user-defined function is undefined.

The same POND txt file compiles OK using BB v0.5.

When I test v0.6 with a small simple txt file (attached) it compiles OK.

cheers, SteveOW.

I'll look into it.


There is an array in BB that stores variable and function names.
After adding all the physics functions there was not so much room left for user variable and function names.
I have increased the size of that array.

Download here


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