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Whenever I find a new system like EGSL I do a little demo program just to see what kind of bovine scatology I can get away with. Same goes for EGSL, I started this as my very first project and never bothered finishing it ... until now.

This is really a collection of sub programs just ran back to back so one could just about copy and paste any section you want and make a stand alone version of the chosen effect.

That being said once this thing starts it grabs your computer and wont let go, you either dont touch anything and enjoy the ride, or you force quit it as a crash ... its not a proper way to deal with EGSL, but I dont feel like rewriting the entire thing from scratch.

Enjoy the show!

Whoo, impressive!

Very cool.   ;D

Very nice, i like old scool demos :-)

Will be nice to add as example in the EGSL IDE?

I typically put a zlib license on things so do what you wanna!

and thank you all for your kind words  ;D


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