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CM, as one who is quite excited by the ease of coding in EGSL (STOS was the easiest language for me to understand back in the 90's and I had trouble with that!), for you to say "Forget about EGSL" ... it just surprises me.  What is so horrible about EGSL, all of a sudden? 

Is PulsarLua EASIER to program games for, than EGSL?  Does it make game coding simpler for those who don't know blip about programming in ANY language, even BASIC?  If not, then it is not a viable option for me.  I need something that does the heavy lifting for me and gives me the easy stuff I can understand.

Update:  Just looked at Pulsar2D, which is supposedly the successor of EGSL.  Is this what you meant by PulsarLua?  In this case, if Pulsar2D is "EGSL v2", and has the simplicity of EGSL, but with more power, then I'm all for that.  But if Pulsar2D trades coding simplicity for power, that isn't going in the right direction for me, unless I can learn, with EGSL, and then learn MORE with Pulsar2D (i.e. EGSL becomes a stepping stone to Pulsar2D)

Question:  Are Cybermonkey and Markus Mangold... one and the same?  Just curious...

PulsarLua can be called EGSL 2.0 that's correct. Most functions are the same, a few changed, some are new. But the biggest difference is that PulsarLua (or the game engine Pulsar2D) is based on SDL2 whereas EGSL is based on SDL 1.2.


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