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EGSL: Osgeld's Demo

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Really nice old school demo! 8)

This is really an awesome piece of work!  Very impressed!  Didn't think you could do that kinda stuff with EGSL, but since it's all 2D stuff, no reason why it couldn't, I guess!  What's the framerate on some of that stuff?  Would like to know how fast/efficient the EGSL engine is at rendering graphics and such.

Really - forget about EGSL. PulsarLua is way faster since it uses hardware acceleration where possible. Maybe in March there will be a release of PulsarLua ... at the moment I am working on the new webpage for it.

yea it manages to keep the framerate up by consuming a ton of cpu power, even on my 4ghz quad core it will studder in a couple places

It only seemed a little sluggish during the maze scene, but I never noticed any stuttering.  I have an older gen. quad-core AMD A6 processor laptop (Acer), running Windows 7.  But the demo was cool, regardless!


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