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Software of Interest to Developers
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This will probably look like spam but it's more of a 'news of the day' thing.

First I want to point you to this Pascal externals compiler for Livecode , its the second link down, under the free Runtime Revolution or Livecode starter guide.
Here's a direct link to the Pascal SDK page

You can get the free Livecode IDE here
This is 99 Bottles of Beer in Livecode for you to get an idea of how it scripts.
Of course a third of the strength of the IDE is the wealth GUI tools that will run on many platforms.
Code: [Select]
constant singAlong=1
local bottles=99

on openCard
end openCard

on DrinkThem
   switch bottles
   case 0
     put "There were no more bottles of beer on the wall" into field  "song"
     wait (singAlong * 2) seconds
   case 1
     put "One last bottle of beer on the wall." & return into field "song"
     put "Take it down and pass it around." after field "song"
     wait singAlong seconds
     put bottles && "bottles of beer on the wall." & return into field "song"
     put "Take one down and pass it around." after field "song"
   end switch
   subtract 1 from bottles
   send DrinkThem to me in singAlong seconds
end DrinkThem

We used to make an 3D OpenGL Lua external for it when it cost $250 to $1000
a license and we got it for free by winning some game dev contests.
Looked like this
It still works but I don't know enough about C or building externals to develop it.

What else? oh.
ZedCode The Lua Z80 Emulator
Retro games hardware crowd is searching for devs to make games for their old hardware.
The existence of reasonable IDE's for such a task is of course at an absolute minimal.

And then there is Javascript MESS mutliple machine emulator in a browser.
With old hardware being online in the cloud now, there's all new possibilities for the retro game development enthusiast.
You'll make a little game with minimal complexity and code in some something like EGSL and then run a batch
script to compiled it to roms or  cassette files whatever for  for 10 different z80 systems and post those to's Software Collection for starters.

Speaking of, yesterday I posted the fan reproduced Aquarius Guide To Home Computing and
Aquarius Home Computer System Extended Microsoft BASIC Cartridge Instructions
in super slick HTML and other formats for retro computer programming fans around the world.

Did you know about Pentacom BitFontMaker2 online bitmap font design software? Pretty cool tool.

There's some other stuff I lost in a post two nights ago when I was here posting a big post and closed the browser windows.
But now I forgot what it was.
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