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... and so I am.  ;)
I just wanted to let you know that I needed a time-out from programming. But now I am back and have some news for you.
Pulsar2D will be released definitely this year. What can you expect? First something you might not like: PulsarLua will not come with its own IDE, you'll have to use a third party editor like Geany or Textadept. (I will provide syntax files for them, though). Then I removed the new particle system because it slowed things down but I added the simple particles again known from EGSL.
On the other hand you will be able to make your games in three (3!) languages now: Lua, FreePascal and FreeBASIC. Yes, that's right, I just finished the port for FreeBASIC, although it needs some testing. You will also get examples for all three languages. Executables made with all three languages work fine with Windows 10.
Here comes an example, how a FreeBASIC app looks like (a simple particle example):

--- Code: ---#include once ""

using p2d

dim win as p2d.window
dim partsize as integer = 3
dim key as integer
dim mysprite as p2d.sprite
dim mouse as p2d.sprite

win = openwindow ("Pulsar2D in FreeBASIC",-1,-1,1366,768)
setactivewindow (win)
setvirtualsize (1366,768)
backcolor (0,0,0,255)
setframetimer (100)
mysprite = loadsprite ("media/particle.png")
mouse = loadsprite ("media/bluepointer.png")

spritecolor (mysprite, 255,200,0,55)

setsimpleparticlesize (partsize,rrandom)
SetSimpleParticleImage (mysprite)
textsize (2)
color (255,255,0,255)
drawtext ("Press 1-6 for particle type, press left mousbutton to draw, ESC to quit.",0,0)

if key = SDL_SCANCODE_1 then
end if

if key = SDL_SCANCODE_2 then
end if

if key = SDL_SCANCODE_3 then
end if

if key = SDL_SCANCODE_4 then
end if

if key = SDL_SCANCODE_5 then
end if

if key = SDL_SCANCODE_6 then
end if

if key= SDL_SCANCODE_F then
resizewindow (1366,768)
end if

if mousebutton()=1 then
createsimpleparticles (mousex,mousey,50,150,255,200,0,55)
end if

drawsprite (mouse,mousex,mousey,1,1,0,false,false)

if mousex >= windowwidth then
warpmouse (windowwidth,mousey)  'needed for full screen
end if

if mousey >= windowheight then
warpmouse (mousex,windowheight) 'needed for full screen
end if

loop until key=SDL_SCANCODE_ESCAPE

freesprite (mysprite)
freesprite (mouse)

--- End code ---

EDIT: The new webpage will be on

Oh, another thing I forgot: Pulsar2D is licensed under the zlib license. so you can use the framework for any purposes even commercial ones.

;D Fine! Cool!
Thanks a lot  in advance 8)

I know you're working on documentation, but could you make Pulsar available to download? The whole counting and "be patient" thing is a bit silly. You're not Apple and Pulsar isn't a new iPhone. ;)

Ok, the site is alive and all downloads are available. I couldn't finish anything I wanted to, because I lost a lot of time for building the webpage. Yes, the on which is now online was done fast. I first installed Joomla, but I thought it is too bulky. After that I tried Websitebaker but I got a lot of php errors. So it's just an old fashioned pandoc generated website for now. A better one will follow soon also with a finished documentation.
I am sorry for any inconvenience.


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