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I simply don't like this editor and i hate one editor for everything .
also i remove this thing from SliTaz box also remove stupid Midori browser.


you are never self-fulfilled,  always mortifying  :P
geany is as good as  gold !  why is  everthing bad and stupid, come back on carpet.

no...Geany is not a gold it is just a code editor pushed everywhere
use Geany for this use Geany for that i hate that things.
Notepad++ is a good editor for windows/ on linux situation sucks/
but who care i will use what i like  :P


--- Quote from: Cybermonkey on January 01, 2016, 04:44:14 pm ---
--- Quote from: Aurel on January 01, 2016, 10:33:31 am ---windows version dont have code editor
i ask why?
why you simply not modify already EGSL editor for work with this lua translator?

--- End quote ---
PulsarLua has no editor anymore. Peolple didn't like the one shipped with EGSL and I have no time to code a new one. I want to concentrate on the engine/framework not on editors. As most users I use now Geany on both Windows and Linux (a syntax highlighting file is part of the download).

--- End quote ---

Well, I'm no expert but I like the EGSL editor - nice and simple.

I would have preferred Pulsar2D to have a similar built-in editor too, all included within a simple download...but I like EGSL and so haven't been tempted to try Pulsar2D yet; although the possibility of using FreePascal is tempting...but not tempting enough just yet when I think of the probable frustration and wasted hours trying to build Pulsar2D and linking it to Geany....I can feel it now...  :)


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