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Although not finished, yet, I'd like to show you my new project. (Just a screenshot for now ...  ::))
Anyway, the game mechanics are working, I will add a timer, some fields which must be destroyed, maybe some power-ups and of course a starting screen and a (local) highscore table. Uh, sound is total missing for now, this will be of course part of the finished game.
BTW, it's coded in Lua this time.

Cool looking gems, reminds me of Gems on the Genesis/Megadrive. Will the action be like that - 3 in a row destroys a row of blocks?

The gems are from opengameart:
Yes, three (or more) in a row or column "explode", then new gems are falling down in the space left. The development of the game is currently on hold ...

  Is it done yet?


--- Quote from: Rick3137 on April 01, 2016, 01:57:48 pm ---  Is it done yet?

--- End quote ---
No, development is currently put on hold.


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