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   I downloaded the free version. I'm not sure I need something this massive and powerful. I am uneasy about paying money for it. They want Euros, and I don't even know what a Euro looks like. If I seen this in a local store, I would be tempted to buy a copy.
  Buying software has been a hazard for me. The people in California who make operating systems, do not like software that they did not make. Every time I buy a new computer I discover that some of my software no longer works. I just don't want to buy something today that will not work tomorrow.

Like one in Seattle, Washington?


--- Quote from: B+ on February 10, 2016, 07:08:41 pm ---Like one in Seattle, Washington?

--- End quote ---

Or maybe  Redmond, Washington.

 YEP, that's it. I keep getting that place confused with another one called Silicon Valley.

I have PureBasic but nowadays I don't do any programming, in my opinion PB is a good language but it does take some time getting use to the syntax.


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