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« on: February 16, 2016, 04:03:20 PM »
This is an interesting BASIC from the authors of PureBasic. It's a converter to JavaScript that let you build client-side application for web development. It's not free, however it comes with a very good demo version and it is cheaper than PureBasic. The included examples are impressive, however I don't know how heavy more complex applications would be. Here it is: .


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Hi Tomaaz,

A bit too slow for me. If you're looking for a BASIC web server, try Script BASIC's multi-threaded proxy application HTTP server.

Here is an CGI echo script running on my AWS instance using the Script BASIC application server.

Here is an example of the Script BASIC application server being used to dynamically generate real time bouy weather images combining satellite and bouy data from the sensors around the world. Like I've said many times before, Scipt BASIC isn't a toy BASIC and is used commercially in multiple mission critical applications.

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