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Side-Scrolling platformer demo

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This is just a demo I put together to test out some stuff for the game I am working on. It is just a small level but it does scroll to follow the character and you can jump and collide with the walls. The art assets come from RPG maker as I havent started working on the art yet. It is already compiled, so all you have to do is pass engine.cbc to rcbasic_run and it should start. (Make sure you have the most recent version of rcbasic). The source code for the demo is in the src folder if you want to look at it.

Press b to jump.

  No luck. The cbc file would not work. Loaded the text file and that didn't work.

I will look into it when I get home. Make sure you have the most recent version of rcbasic. Also try copying all the dist files into the folder with engine.cbc and renaming rcbasic_run to engine and running that.

I tested it on someone elses computer as well as my own and I am not getting that error. The only thing that happened on his computer was his anti virus blocked it, but once he allowed it to run it worked just fine. If you could let me know which OS you are running and whether 32 or 64 bit it would really help. Thanks.

 I am using a HP Pavillion Windows10 laptop.
 There must have been some sort of computer setting involved, or memory shortage. I went back to my computer administrator account and it worked on those settings. It does not work on my user account.
  I am not surprised. 4000 lines of code?  That should strain a lot of computers. What does that program do with all
of that code? All I seen was a simple game that covered about 2 screens.


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