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Welcome to our new forum.
You are interested in playing or coding retro games? Then this is the right place for you. Here you can discuss with others about developing retro style games.
It's also the support forum for the homebrew programming languages EGSL and NaaLaa.
Last but not least you can have read-only access to the old forum. There you can read the old threads but remember that's not possible to post there anymore.
Anyway, we hope you enjoy your stay with our friendly community.

New forum looks really cool. :) Just a question about the old one. It looks like there is no option to download any attached files, even when logged in. You can read the posts but there is no access to attachments. Is it supposed to be like that?

Sorry, at the moment I found no other solution. Please have some patience ...

The reason I'm asking about it is simple. I must have accidentally deleted or overwritten EGSL documentation in PDF and ODT formats when I was working on "A short introduction to EGSL". :( So, if you could get these files and post it here or send me via email I would be grateful. I'm planning to update them. Thanx! :)

EDIT: Forget it. I just found them on my second computer. :)

Hi guys, I am sorry but I had to delete the old forum completely. Unfortunately somehow someone had access and uploaded a virus. But this does not affect the new forum, so keep on posting.


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