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can you help me with tiles?


looking at the documentation I saw tilesets but I am not able to work them!
I see

loadtileset(filename, lines,rows,string )
tileset( image, lines,rows,string )

I tried to do it but the string? got me confused
can someone give me a small example how to properly use it
hope  someone respond  and thanks so much!

It's similar to the bitmapfont function.

Let's assume you have an image with two tiles in it. Now you can load your image with

--- Code: ---mytile=loadtileset ("image.png",1,2,"ab")
--- End code ---
or if you already loaded the image

--- Code: ---mytile=tileset(image,1,2,"ab")
--- End code ---

The string is similar to the fontface of a bitmapfont, so if you want to draw the first tile you do the following:

--- Code: ---drawtile (0, 0, "a", mytile)
--- End code ---
the second tile

--- Code: ---drawtile (0, 0, "b", mytile)
--- End code ---
or a longer line (with both tiles)

--- Code: ---drawtile (0, 0, "aaabbaabbbbaaaabbaaa", mytile)
--- End code ---

It's not very nice as you can see, I recommend it only for background drawing where no tiles are changing because string manipulation is slower than using numbers. (And of course you are limited to a string which means if you are using the alphabet you can handle with upper and lower case 52 tiles.)

thank you so much ill practice the tiles...


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