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Game Competition
« on: November 04, 2017, 02:16:39 PM »
Richey's post reminded me of this:

Hosted by GitHub, another game coding competition that is not too late to submit (I think).

wait... do game coders come here?


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Re: Game Competition
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 08:58:06 PM »
wait... do game coders come here?

Well, most of the activity on this forum is in the '' section rather than the '' section...and most of the master coders here are developers of their own BASIC dialects.

Having said that, both Cybermonkey and Marcus are game coders...there may be some others who lurk...

@B+ Have you ever been tempted to write a game? You like graphics and you have the necessary skill and ability. I guess you also need the time and motivation too...

If you were to write a game, what BASIC dialect would you use?

Lots of game ideas here at World of Spectrum


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Re: Game Competition
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2017, 06:37:32 PM »
Hi Richey,

I have written several games, usually from classics but did invent one early on, Square Elimination which requires far too much thinking to be fun. Oh, there is eRATification which pretends to be a shooter game but is just an excuse to shoot a bunch of rats with plasma laser beams! I mean who cares about scores when you are about to be eaten alive by rats!

In fact currently I am working on Chess interface with QB64 but seriously considering testing the new JB version 2.0 beta finally released by Carl because JB has GUI I have practiced a little with.

With my games, if originally written in SmallBASIC, SdlBasic, JB, or now QB64, it is soon in the other flavors. The only exception is JB with slow graphics but solid GUI and unlimited Integers that Richard calls "arbitrary".

Can you name a game that requires unlimited Integers? I can, I call it Number Theory.

So Richey, does this information help you with your code writing?

PS Oh there was another shooter game with Plasma beam in space modified for excuse to try Escher tiling, it was a target practice thingy. I am sure I posted most all of them here or

PPS Oh, here is another
Thanks Rick3137 for idea! I still have Connect 4 on backburner, AI can spot and block a potential win or winning move but I want AI that makes smarter moves building both defense and offense.
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Re: Game Competition
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Hi B+,

What version of SmallBASIC are you using and can you provide a link to its source? Are you using it on Windows only?


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Re: Game Competition
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Hi John,

Here is reminder:

I am using it on both Windows and Android but unfortunately very limited in Android because of my device (I think). The IDE is accessed from Right Mouse click in Windows and touching 3 very tiny vertical circles in lower right of Android screen when SmallBASIC is running, that's the part that does not work on my device, B&N NOOK but should be fine on modern phone.

It should work under Linux but I have no experience to share from that.

Again I remind folks, I am talking about "SmallBASIC" from Source Forge not "Small Basic" from MS.
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