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Any Linux users who can test naalaa?

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I've been working on a port of naalaa to Linux for a while now, and hopefully there's not too much work left. But so far it's only been tested on Linux Mint, Would anyone be interested in just downloading it, starting the IDE and loading and running some of the examples? Does it run at all, is the audio working? I'm curious, hoping that a single binary build (well, it's for 64 bit only) will work on most systems, since it has very few dependencies (x11 and ALSA). That may be quite naive, but I'm new to Linux and allowed to be naive.


Hey @Marcus I haven't been on here in a while so I thought I would just drop in and see what everyone is working on. I tested your editor and a few of the examples on my machine.

Here is the specs on my machine:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
8GB ram
Onboard intel graphics (I burned my graphics card out a week ago)
Intel Core 2 quad Q9650 clocked at 3.00GHZ

And here are the demos I ran:
All the simple demos
lunar lander
raycaster maze
gargoyle attack

All the demos I tried ran fine. All the sound was working for the demos that had it. The only problem I encountered was in the help menu both documentation and forum lead to dead links.

Hopefully this helped.

Great, thanks for testing :)

Marcus is a guest, now??? He used to be a moderator, here. ???



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