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I am interested in trying my hand at making games for my grandkids. (ages 2 to 11)  I am a Linux user and would appreciate any tips/tuts/vids/Docs etc that can help me achieve this goal. I mainly use Basic and only dabbled very little with Python and Lua. Platformers and shooters are what they like playing at the moment. But, kids being kids, that can change in a heart beat...

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



Thanks Aurel.

The grandkids love playing platform games. Cool.

In regards to Linux: Knowledge of Linux is not required. I use the Linux versions of QB64 and SDLBasic. So, any ideas about Platformers or Shooters in Basic, would be great. (NB. QB64 and SDLBasic do not have nor use a tile map editor... If you know of one written in Basic, and are willing to share it, that would be good as well... lol)

Again, thank you for the link. THAT one will be "book marked"!!



Hi J,

What became of platformer started in SdlBasic? You (we) had the player all the way to a door to next level as I recall.

I still have that game (for want of a better word) but I didn't like the collision detection. Hence the inquiry into tile mapping. I am keen to try it using EGSL but I'm having difficulties with the installation... (posted problem earlier...)

I haven't done much with it... Attendance on SDLBasic site is well, almost like a ghost town, compared to most 'Basic' sites... lol  So basically I was working on it for a very small audience. Maybe I will have better luck on this site? (assuming I can get EGSL to run... lol)

So, long story short, the game is alive - barely breathing - but alive none the less... lol

I haven't been very active on this site. What is your impression of the level of help here? Nuts! My cup of tea has gone cold. Time to upgrade it to a 'proper' drink!!



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