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Finally, we have a new place for the discussions about SmallBASIC. Chris is also "on board" (literally) and will have a look on the topics.
@Chris: If you will use them or not, I thought you should have moderator privileges, so don't mind that you have those permissions.

For those of you who don't know SmallBASIC:

--- Quote ---SmallBASIC is a fast and easy to learn BASIC language interpreter ideal for everyday calculations, scripts and prototypes. SmallBASIC includes trigonometric, matrices and algebra functions, a built in IDE, a powerful string library, system, sound, and graphic commands along with structured programming syntax.
--- End quote ---
Find more (and the downloads) on the homepage:

YES!!! SB has a pulse once again!! Brilliant!



Thanks Cybermonkey for creating this forum and making a home for SmallBASIC.

I'm still keen to continue working on SmallBASIC, but having good a feedback channel helps to maintain motivation.

It's always really cool to see the amazing programs people have made with it.


Hi Chris,

If you have some time, you might review this section "SmallBASIC notes":

for accuracy, or see if I am misrepresenting or misleading...

or for updating or just see if it might generate some comments of your own.

Dang it's been awhile since I looked at them.


We really need to work something out with this reference. Script BASIC has been around since 2000. (18 years) How long has SmallBASIC been around?

How about you using SmB as your shortened reference?


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