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Has anyone tried Icon? It's been around for a while (41 years), but it doesn't look dated. Last stable release is 5 years old but it's being maintained by people from The University of Arizona. Just a month ago Icon has been re-validated for new version of Ubuntu and MacOS. There is also a Windows version of Icon. It's extremely well documented, comes with a set of libraries and is simple to use. No OOP, just old-school procedural stuff. Website - .

I did try it 20 or so years ago, it was interesting.  It was also expanded by Unicon: which I played with off and on for a while and even bought the book for although the book was sold during a move.  I always was a sucker for odd languages.

It looks like they don't have else if...

Yeah, I see if-then-else but no elseif.

Excuse my ignorance, but what's special about Else If?


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