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Liberty Basic 5 - it's alive!


I come back and find that Carl Gundel is actively developing Liberty Basic 5 again.

Promises to be cross-platform and have many advantages over Liberty Basic 4.5.1

Real progress seems to be being made

I think that this is great for LB users and for BASIC in general.

I really don't get it your obsession with such a ugly & fake product like JB/LB .
Are you member of JB/LB forum?
Use RR ...LBB 10 times better product.

look Gundel complain about :
but there is admin called ROD( dick-stick) ...

..please don't take this personal ...just my observation  ;)


I like Liberty BASIC.

I've always found LB relatively easy to use and it suits my rather limited abilities and modest needs.

I tend to use LBB as well but not for any particular reason; I'm not a power user and am unlikely to experience any benefit from LBBs additional power and reliability that a more advanced user might require / benefit from.

LB5 is good news because it provides new impetus and enthusiasm to the development of LB and, by association, to BASIC.

This is just my view and opinion - I understand that you and others might view things differently, which is fine.

A static copy of Liberty Basic Programmers Encyclopedia has been made available again by author and long-time LB programmer Alyce Watson


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