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I was banned from the topic about Cybermonkey's new BASIC. Reason? An honest opinion. I know that it's free (as a beer) and developed for fun, but I'm still entitled to my opinion about it. There is plenty of, for example, bad Linux distros, but it would be insane to stop people from giving an honest opinion about them. Also, SDL1.2 may be discontinued, but you can still use it on every major platform (several years after EGSL was abandoned). And what has happened to Pulsar2d?

Ha! Tomaaz "banned" again! Must be some kind of record, being banned coming back, being banned again... the amazing thing is that you are always allowed back and you keep coming back! ;)

Maybe a sign of how desperate (< was misspelled, what happened to spell checker?) we are for some kind of forum chatter.

Anyway, this thing about Basic's needing some kind of Graphics? Library: SDL (which SmallBASIC uses too), GL (which QB64 is using) and I suppose that is what MUSL and XBGI are too for Cybermonkey?, this need for library's has me wodering how JJ and Paul handled this aspect with their respective versions of Basic.

And could this be the reason why Tomaaz hasn't developed his own version of EGSL with one of the fancy new PL's he plays with?

And could this be what is limiting Aurel's toy interpreters?

And what I was failing to understand about ScriptBasic?

B+ still stuck on how to do string functions without the need of "double quotes" with his NAN0 = Nearly Almost N0thing.  ;D

mispell ? nope no checjer?

Oh and the choice of Graphics library might have allot to do with the PL you use to code the interpreter / compiler.
SmallBASIC works with C and QB64 works with C++.

Pulsar can still be downloaded on the page:
The source is available, so everyone is invited to improve the code (zlib license!). Anyway my next project will use Pulsar2d (as a framework) and FreeBASIC.
(And SDL 1.2 is absolutely crap nowadays; have you ever tried it with two displays and fullscreen? Well, after that one will use SDL 2...)

And could this be what is limiting Aurel's toy interpreters?

Yo Mark..Yoo  :D

No ...i use only GDI graphics for my interpreters ..reason ..simple  I don't need any external lib
and work only on windows ( work on linux too with Wine).
Some time ago i was thinking about using DirectX..but i give up  ;D


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