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THE C64 (Maxi)

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The C64 with full sized keyboard comes back in December 2019!!! With VIC-20 mode!! And of course Commodore BASIC comes back, too.  ;)

Man, I love me some retro/vintage/museum BASIC but even I draw the line at C64 BASIC.

I think it's the nostalgia. I am looking forward to typing in listings from the 1980s. As my mother a few days ago said: "Seems, you'll never grow up!"  ;)
Oh, since one can use own ROMs, it's rather easy to run Simons' BASIC...

That's a relief. I really don't fancy having to POKE pretty much everything to get anything done :)

back to the 80'
well i like ZX specctrum a lot at that time
but i play a lot of games on my friend C128 then on Amiga
ahhh that was the times  ::)


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