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Just Basic notes
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Getting started in Just Basic:

Just BASIC is easy to find from browser so no link necessary. It is one of last BASICs you can find so quickly through the browser search of BASIC. Some people look at Just Basic as a selling tool for Liberty Basic (LB), maybe, but it has extended integer math that I can't get from SmallBASIC that comes in handy for certain problems. It also has graphics and GUI in a very different environment that requires use of line labels for events catching.

With setting up, the thing to remember is to NOT use the default directory/folder recommended by the setup app (this may just be for Windows users, hmm... is Just Basic just for Windows users?). A JB folder on the desktop is working fine for me.

In new Windows versions the Help file is no longer accessible from the IDE. Fine (it actually works out better to be in a separate Window!) follow instructions at Just Basic forum that you can link to from Just Basic's IDE for getting a copy of the Help file and also a Tutorial (see Just Basic Environment Board, bottom half of forum screen).
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