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Dear community, this site will be closed by the 4th of November 2019.
I think BASIC is now a rather dead language and all BASICs which are a bit more successful do have their own dedicated forums (qb64, FreeBASIC, PureBASIC ...)
Maybe we will meet there again.
Oh, and by the way, this means all my other domains will be closed, too (all related domains).

It was a lot of fun the last years (more than a decade???); all started with that simple Yabasic forum.

I want to thank you all for your participation and wish you the very best for your (programming) future.

Ok Markus
and all best to you  :)

Kind of sad news but you could see it coming from drop in number of posts.

Thanks Cybermonkey for picking up the ball when went belly up and for putting up with our craziness!

Speaking as one who is still learning... Not only will these sites be missed, the experiences and the advice, will be missed more so...


Indeed, I have noticed that there is significant activity over on facebook these days - I'm a member of a couple of groups (the most active being the one serving the Sinclair BASIC community) but as you say, more general forums are few and far between. And this place has been dead just lately.

Before we close, can members list the web forums they participate in? I'd like to keep tabs on folks I've gained respect for over the years.


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