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Hi Chris, thanks for your welcome message. That "gettting started" page is brilliant and was needed - I found most of the setting up bits out by trial and error, but without it many non-techy types (not that I'm an expert) might give up and uninstall and lose all the sb goodness from their device! I can't wait to try out the android services - I didn't know how to use those. I also didn't know about avoiding working in the app's directory - I'll move my files. I think this was probably in another part of the help files I read, but I didn't quite take it in and I've not done much with the Android system before. Now I've got used to the IDE, it's pretty cool, and if that's also written in sb, I guess I could tweak it if I want to.

I can't thank you enough for this great piece of coding (with a nod, of course, to previous coders and helpers). As I said, it's rare for me to keep going with JABs, "Just Another BASIC", but sb seems very well designed. I've found it to be a good compromise between "easy for the noob" and "actually better protocol". Some BASICS go too far towards a very lax syntax, making it easy to write, but then they waste massive resources on memory blocks or parsing so that the user doesn't have to be careful.

But I'm a noob in this. Your code in that Wavefunction Collapse thing made me realise how far there is to go!

Thanks for the clarification on the different files,