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smart BASIC for iOS
« on: June 16, 2014, 04:48:40 PM »
smart BASIC is developed for iOS and runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod. It is your powerful tool for making games, for scientific research, for learning programming or just for fun.

"smart BASIC" is a very fast and effective implementation of simple and popular BASIC programming language.

"smart BASIC" features a rich set of functions and commands, including:

◉ advanced graphics

◉ sprites with animations, sprite sheets, collisions etc.

◉ file and directory commands

◉ multitouch implementation for up to 11 simultaneous touches

◉ user interface objects like buttons, text input fields, switches, sliders, text lists and web browsers

◉ seamless integration of complex numbers mathematics

◉ GPS, compass and accelerometer support

◉ networking with HTTP commands

◉ unique "scope variables" for powerful access to all variables in any function

◉ ability to create code libraries

◉ text editor with customizable appearance

◉ Dropbox integration

◉ ability to create desktop icons to run BASIC programs directly from your desktop

◉ documentation for all functions and commands

◉ example program files



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Re: smart BASIC for iOS
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more screenshots: